52 FLY
16.00m / 52.49ft
4.46m / 14.63ft
0kg / 0lbs
1600 Litres
450 Litres
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Absolute 52 FLY

The Absolute 52 Fly offers the same luxury, comfort and amenity that you would find in your home. She was engineered for your comfort and pleasure. The 52 Fly has a smooth riding 16 metre hull with a wide-beam and adopts a single level open plan design to ensure you’re surrounded by ocean views…destination relaxation!

The Fly area is inviting for a birds eye view of your surroundings. A large sofa beckons your guests, which is great for entertaining up to 8.  For tanning or laying about, the reclining sunbed is great for those perfect Summer days.

When accessing the interior cockpit, the Absolute 52 Fly has a great space to wine and dine, which includes a full sized fridge, stove, microwave oven with an optional dishwasher. The layout is both convenient to serve the hall and cockpit and achieves a single fluid space.

Down below, there is a master cabin, furnished with a double bed, sofa and private head. There is also a day head and another cabin with a double bed for your guests. If you have extra people on board, the third full sized cabin with 2 twin beds will not disappoint.

The 52 Fly will be powered by IPS Engines featuring Joystick controls.

Absolute Yachts are actually renowned as being IPS pioneers and have developed new innovation and technology by working direct with the Volvo Penta IPS to design and build their hulls. This means, their boats are absolutely, perfectly conducive to this brilliant technology, unlike other brands who simply add this technology to their antiquated and incorrectly designed hulls, which results in poorer performance and handling.

IPS allows Absolute to optimise the benefits over antiquated engine systems including: 

  • Lighter Hull Weight 
  • Increased Strength and Durability of the Laminate Hull and Planking
  • Easier Functionality
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • No Vibration and Less Noise
  • Increased Strength and durability of the laminate hull and planking
  • Functionality- ease of operation, fast response time, absent or a reduced need for the bow propeller
  • Stability at Anchor and Better Balance

The above benefits will be immediately appreciated, not only for the Captain at the helm, but the comfort for his guests in the aft cabins are guaranteed due to the spacious configuration as less engine room is required.

Upon boarding an Absolute model, you will instantly notice the space throughout, so much so, that an Absolute is often mistaken for a much larger model. This is due to the revolutionary Integrated Structural System, which was developed by Mr Sergio Maggi.

The production of the internal supporting structure is made in the joiners workshop simultaneously with hull and deck moulding which is done in the lamination department.

The structure is placed within the hull when it’s still in the mold and it’s bonded to it through stable structural elements.

Hull and interiors are covered by the deck, which gets bonded to the structure in the same steady way.

The ISS system offers the following benefits:-

  • Lightness and Extreme Sturdiness
  • Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
  • Space Optimisation
  • System Standardisation
  • Maintenance Accessibility
  • Freedom of Stylistic Expression within the Cabins

*While every precaution has been taken to verify this information, the details and images supplied are to be used as a guide only. Melbourne Boat Sales do not guarantee the accuracy of these details.