58 FLY
17.24m / 56.56ft
4.80m / 15.75ft
1.10m / 3.61ft
20,000kg / 44,092lbs
Twin Volvo IPS 800 DIESEL
2000 Litres
600 Litres
Stock no: AB58FLY
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Absolute 58 FLY

The Absolute 58 FLY arises from the union between ergonomics and technology. In this yacht, the values of the biggest luxury motor yachts find an exciting implementation.

The IPS-800 systems and the celebrated Absolute hull ensure low consumption, maneuverability, silent movement, reliability, in order to offer to sea-lovers a seagoing experience guided by pleasure and safety on all sides.

The comfort expresses itself through a space optimized in every detail, with accommodation for seven in a 3 Cabin layout, plus crew quarters.

The livability of the spaces is even easier thanks to the sliding doors, the rounded edges, the wide rectangular beds and the floors, almost without obstacles. Nothing can be left to the chance when the aim is always reaching for the absolute.

The comfort characterises also the living area, finely well-refined and attractively furnished, designed to offer the maximum panoramic visibility.

Top quality materials are the frame of a captivating-beauty yacht where the quality of the Made in Italy stands out: this is the signature piece of the shipyard near Piacenza.

Built with the latest in construction methods the Absolute 58 FLY slices through the waves with no fuss at all. Known as the ISS (Integrated Structural System), the boat is built in a monocoque construction method that allows for greater rigidity and no flexing.

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