72 Fly
21.60m / 70.87ft
5.60m / 18.37ft
1.30m / 4.27ft
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3500 Litres
1000 Litres
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Absolute 72 Fly

The Absolute 72 Fly launched at the 2012 Cannes Boat Show and was awarded “The Best Layout” and “The Most Innovative Design.”

The award winning 72 Fly is built with new technology and innovation to place it in un-chartered territory with respect to its unique design and build methods. 

The design lines of the 72 Fly is both aggressive and refined with an unprecedented amount of space and light streaming through the cockpit and below decks.

Absolute founders, Angelo Gobbi and Sergio Maggi, have dedicated their lives to developing innovative new techniques, which has allowed them to create an entirely new method in building the hull, deck and superstructure of this magnificent flagship.

Every 72 Fly is destined to be a unique reflection of its owner due to the customizable features that are available.

The 72 Fly has been specifically designed for the Volvo Penta IPS Propulsion System and has the following benefits:-

  • Lighter Hull Weight 
  • Increased Strength and Durability of the Laminate Hull and Planking
  • Easier Functionality
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • No Vibration and Less Noise
  • Increased Strength and durability of the laminate hull and planking
  • Functionality- ease of operation, fast response time, absent or a reduced need for the bow propeller
  • Stability at Anchor and Better Balance

Upon boarding an Absolute model, you will instantly notice the space throughout, so much so, that an Absolute is often mistaken for a much larger model. This is due to the revolutionary Integrated Structural System, which was developed by Mr Sergio Maggi.

The production of the internal supporting structure is made in the joiners workshop simultaneously with hull and deck moulding which is done in the lamination department.

The structure is placed within the hull when it’s still in the mold and it’s bonded to it through stable structural elements.

Hull and interiors are covered by the deck, which gets bonded to the structure in the same steady way.

The ISS system offers the following benefits:-

  • Lightness and Extreme Sturdiness
  • Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
  • Space Optimisation
  • System Standardisation
  • Maintenance Accessibility
  • Freedom of Stylistic Expression within the Cabins

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