Chris Craft
Carina 21
6.45m / 21.16ft
2.41m / 7.91ft
2,132kg / 4,700lbs
117 Litres
Stock no: CCCAR21
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Chris Craft Carina 21

Presenting the exceptional Chris Craft Carina 21.

The Chris Craft Vertical Bow is a sure head turner and is so uniquely stunning from every angle.

The Unique styling and lines of the Vertical Bow take their inspiration from a much more early Vintage style of power boat. 

Chris Craft have managed to capture this beautiful Vintage style and mix with modern tones to create an inspirational boat.

Nothing Else Looks Like It. Or Acts Like It.

That’s the point. More elegant. So remarkably thoughtful, it even comes with its own fitted cooler to serve up a chilled beverage whenever you desire.

The Carina 21 is the bowrider for those who ride a different wave – and leave the standard crowd in their wake.

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